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Real Estate Around Greensboro North Carolina

OK, Ive finally caught up enough to post about my local stomping grounds, Greensboro North Carolina.

Greensboro is located in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, smack in the middle of the state.  Real resonable real estate, great weather, low cost of living are just a few reasons to consider Greensboro NC as a home or an investment.  

Like Country livin?  it's a 10 minute drive.  Prefer the downtown loft in the middle of a bustling and cultured city center?  That lifestyle's here too....

I'm going to use links to Neighboroo (Thanks Travis) and redisplay the normally boring demographic data layout into a pretty color coordinated map mash-up.



The Population is booming.

Lifestyle. There has been a steady and heavy influx of 20 and 30 somethings from states north, south, and west of the Triad over the past 10 years and it doesn't appear to be slowing. Most of the people I know are from anywhere except NC. It is definately a Gen-X and quickly becoming a Gen-Y town.

Since I've moved here, there has been a 'revival' of downtown Greensboro, going from after hours ghost town to robust nightlife. There literally is something for everyone in about a 10 block radius:
Dance clubs, jazz bars, watering holes, eloquent restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, boutiques, all inhabit what used to be boarded up buildings, and the growth continues with large residential condo's and town homes pre-selling before they come out of the ground.

The Triad has undergone a serious industrial metamorphosis since the early 90's. Once a bastion for textiles and other manufacturing industries, the area has quickly and efficiently evolved into a distribution and operations enclave for a host of Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Fed-Ex. If you have a decent skill set and/or a college education, there is a job for you in the Triad.
Banking, Medicine, mid-level management for companies like the ones above, are the hottest job markets in the area.

Speaking personally, it is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs, with a relatively low cost of living and under serviced niches.
$60K+ Avg Income
6% Unemployment Rate
15% Job Growth predicted over the next 5 years.

Primary Education:
Prepare to send your kids to private schools, good news is there are alot of them. The NC public school system leaves alot to be desired, ranking well into the lower half of the United States. Schools are constantly under built which just seems to result in a bunch finger pointing as to whose fault it is, with no real solution. Good news is there is now a lottery in NC generating about $1M in daily funds for education in the state. Overall the education budget created by the lottery is $425M. New schools are coming out of the ground.

Secondary Education:
Amongst the best in the Nation. Along a 100 mile stretch of I-40 lies some top notch Universities and State Colleges:



Avg Median Price is appx $182K, and you get a nice house for this price! $300K will have one living very comfortably.

Trulia provides a nice interface to see some listing information and other property information available for the Greensboro area.

Development is booming as well...


Greensboro's climate has a little Florida and a little New York. The foliage reminds me of upstate and western New York. The humidity reminds me of Florida.

Temperatures average 28F in the winter and 89F in the summer. You get a well rounded 4 seasons, with a beautiful fall. North Carolina is a very green state, lots of trees, their color change begins in September and carries through October.


Temperate climate, great infrastructure (well built roads and new belt lines), and a low cost of living make Greensboro a great place to live and work. It lacks a true big city atmosphere, like traffic jams and a professional sports team, but Charlotte (The Carolina Panthers and The Charlotte Bobcats) and Raleigh (The Carolina Hurricanes) are an hour or less away.

Speaking of location, Greensboro is 3 hrs away from the beautiful beaches of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, and only 2.5 hours from the Appalachian mountain chain which contains the Blue Ridge Parkway, a breathtaking scenic drive littered with small towns and winery's quite a few thousand feet above sea-level.

I kept the post information dense, and didn't bother to use the typical descriptors 'cozy, quaint, charming' blah blah.  Already hitting on the main points of Greensboro, I'd be happy to open the floor via the comment thread to address any specifics about the area.  

Any deeper questions? Don't hesitate to contact me!

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Real Estate Around Greensboro North Carolina
OK, Ive finally caught up enough to post about my local stomping grounds, Greensboro North Carolina. Greensboro is located in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, smack in the middle of the state. Real resonable real estate, great weather, low… more